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Here you will find detailed information about Christo's show as well as extensive reference and demo material.  In recent years, he has performed in a wide variety of theaters and venues. These include the Signal Iduna Park, the Savoy Theater in Düsseldorf, the Schulfrei Festival, the Parktheater Augsburg and the Maritim Hotel Bonn. His professional and humorous performances have earned him several artist awards. Download Christo's showcase here.



After the show, the guests gave them a standing ovation, and if they had had their way, the two “incomprehensibles” could have gone on for a long time.

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— Badische Zeitung

The audience's jaws dropped: The hypnotist quickly succeeded in putting the other players into a deep trance.

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— Cellische Zeitung

Hypnosis works, body language and non-verbal communication is key - and Christo has mastered this perfectly!

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— Westfälischer Anzeiger

The audience also found the show hypnosis by German-born Christo amazing and entertaining. Around 20 volunteers from the audience allowed themselves to be hypnotized on stage. Without exposing them, Christo encouraged the hypnotized spectators to play air guitar or drive wild car races.

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— Märkische Allgemeine

His recipe for success? If you read Christoph's CV carefully, you quickly realize that a lot of work, sweat and further training has gone into the conception of his performances. He has been personally trained by the world's leading show hypnotists from Las Vegas and has also completed a wide range of qualified training and further education courses in the fields of psychology and hypnotherapy.

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— Olf Stoiber
Chairman of the German Association for Hypnosis e.V.

Christo has been awarded the German Trade Media Prize at the Adlerpalast in Rüsselsheim. The jury recognized his extensive achievements.

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— Rhein Main Presse

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